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About Us

Irish Inspirational Dance is home to many young Irish Dancers in Singapore.  Our school's mission is to bring joy to children of all ages through dance in a social and friendly environment, and guide them to become better dancers.  Of course, we are also proud to promote and share Irish culture in Singapore. 

irish dance singapore

In our school we teach traditional and modern Irish Dances in soft and hard shoes to children aged 4 and above. We also offer classes for adults with or without any experience. 


Each year we provide many opportunities for our dancers to showcase their talents on stage. Irish Inspirational Dancers have been spotted dancing in the annual St Patrick's Ball and Parade in Singapore, Penang and Jakarta, as well as in other public and private events. 

Book a performance or a workshop!

Our talented dancers are able to perform just about anywhere!

We have experience performing at weddings, pubs, anniversaries, birthdays, and festivals. 

We also offer Irish dance workshops for private groups who want to learn the basics of Irish Dancing. 


If you have an event coming up and would like to have us perform, please contact us  

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